January 1st, 2018 is the day that allowed 10,000 new licensed cultivators to pop up within the California state. This will account for an additional 1 billion pounds of cannabis waste. Cannabis waste is not considered “green waste” and there is a labor-intensive process to dispose of. After processed, according to the state laws requirements, cannabis waste can then go to a state licensed facility such as a Waste Management landfill. The state of Washington made it legal for cultivators to retain licenses in 2014. To date, they still have a 1-million-pound cannabis waste problem due to a lack of cannabis waste service companies.

Urban cultivators have the greatest challenge. There is a real shortage of options for where the waste can go. Keeping the cannabis waste secure and being managed sustainably is difficult. State landfills are becoming near capacity. In Yolo county, it is required that all cannabis wastes must be buried at a landfill. With the volume going into the landfills, capacity will be reach in a quicker timeframe than planned.

Cultivators need two different companies to handle the different cannabis waste tasks if outsourcing. Farmers Waste Services offers all the required services for cannabis waste within our company. We do not dump cannabis wastes at landfills. A highly desired compost is created at our locations and offered back to cultivators. We are the solution in keeping California growing.

Our composting facilities are currently located in Santa Rosa, Chemurgic, Bakersfield and San Bernardino. We offer routine pickup services. FWS will keep expanding our facility locations to help in this extra 1-billion-pound cannabis waste problem bringing great recycling solutions for California cultivators.