Farmers Waste Services specializes in all wastes within Cannabis Grow Facilities and Farms. We follow all procedures of the BCC, EPA, DOT and Game and Fish laws/requirements. From record keeping, to waste removal, we are diligent with our process. Our process is above and beyond the requirements of track and trace. We take pride in being friendly while keeping a clean working environment.

We not only offer a full-service waste removal business, we also take the dry wastes and create a rich compost at our main location. We do this using the removed dry waste product that comes out of your facility blending it with other compost mixing materials. The state requires a licensed grow facility’s waste to be discarded at a state approved location. We are that state approved location. Once the new compost has been created, we offer the final rich soil back to growers.

Our friendly staff and environmentally safe procedures allows our client a routine that they can count on. We have a lot of services and equipment to offer all types of farms.  We are excited to share all of what we have to offer with you.