Farmers Waste Services Helping Cannabis Growers Stay Green

Los Angeles, California – Farmers Waste Services is at the forefront of pioneering a revolutionary and eco-friendly cannabis waste removal service in California that helps growers keep their green thumbs greener while reducing their carbon footprint.

The Cannabis industry in California is expected to surpass $5 billion in annual revenue this year, as countless cannabis farmers increase their crop output to meet the demands of the medical and now legal recreational marijuana market. As the number of cannabis growers increases, Farmers Waste Services is helping to ensure that they stay green after growing their greens.

“Farmers Waste Services specializes in all wastes within Cannabis Grow Facilities and Farms,” explains CEO and Founder, Scott Mendez. “We follow all procedures of the BCC, EPA, DOT and Game and Fish laws/requirements. From record keeping, to waste removal, we are diligent with our process. Our process is above and beyond the requirements of track and trace. We take pride in being friendly while keeping a clean working environment.”                                                              

Farmers Waste Services is a full waste removal business. After removing the cannabis waste, recording it and bringing it back to their main location, the company then converts it into compost materials and rich soil for farmers at their state-approved location.

“We do this using the removed dry waste product that comes out of your facility and blending it with other compost mixing materials,” Mendez says. “The state requires a licensed grow facility’s waste to be discarded at a state approved location. We are that state-approved location. Once the new compost has been created, we offer the final rich soil back to growers.

As a statewide cannabis waste removal and recycling company, Farmers Waste Services helps both indoor and outdoor growers remain compliant with California’s waste deposal and farming laws. As the industry continues to experience unprecedented growth, eco-conscious famers can know they are doing their part by being green about their cannabis farming waste.

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About Farmers Waste Services

Farmers Waste Services helps cannabis growers in and around California operate with a zero-waste method. All BCC, EPA, DOT and Game and Fish laws/requirements are followed, including record keeping of the waste removal process. A full-service, state-approved cannabis waste removal business, Famers Waste Services converts the cannabis waste that’s collected into compost and rich soil, helping to preserve the environment.

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