We are farmers, security guards, contractors, HR directors, business men and more coming together for this great cause in the cannabis waste industry. We have a passion for cleaning up what people discard. When we enter your farm, we know we make a difference. When we take your dry waste, we are proud to get that product back into the farms after we process it into the finest compost around.

There are multiple parts to our operation. It all starts when we enter a farm. We collect the waste that is needed to be discarded. We follow the state guidelines for processing that waste keeping all our clients unworried about licensing issues and state violations. We have this great ability to mobilize anywhere in the state. Not one waste plan created is the same as another farm. All farms are different, and all farms require different operational procedures.

Our team is much more than the workers a farmer sees. We have a dedicated back office team, sales team, employment recruiters, mechanics team, and full compost facility team. We are globally charged to give back to our environment by taking the dry waste and turning it into rich compost for future growing purposes.

Our compost facility and transfer facilities that we set up as we enter an area are clean, organized and the means to give back to this world. We are one of a kind and will continue to be leaders of our industry. Keep watch on our company's growth right here